Marketing Agency is looking for a solution

Hello everyone,

we like to work with Monday, it presents project very well and clearly. Now we have tried to add some more automation to optimize some of our internal processes.

We have tried from Hubspot, about a form, which is created there, to forward this to Monday via paper, so that a new item is created there and we do not have to insert the data of the respective customer by hand any more, but these are automatically taken over.

Our goal are 2 processes:

  1. we want to reflect all our customers in a sales table to keep the overview and that as soon as a new customer is closed a new item is created in the board “Innoway Sales Table” under the workspace “zOverview” under the correct group (currently “Month Year”) and there in the group the new item should be created, starting with company name and then the respective columns. In the “Closer Form” from Hubspot, all these data can be read off/selected individually. But we couldn’t select any columns on Monday, so that the whole thing is created automatically, only a new item was created, but unfortunately no column was filled in. We also tried a few attempts with JSON, but failed because of the ColumnIDs, which we could not find anywhere.

  2. as soon as a new customer is closed, all information about the form comes back to Hubspot and a new project has to be created. To do this, a board has to be duplicated, for example under the work area “LinkedIn Coaching” - there you have to duplicate the board “Template Coaching” and then enter all information in the first group of sub-elements. Is there a way to automate this to save time and optimize the process.

Would be happy if anyone has any tips.