How to best use Monday platform

We’re switching from Smartsheet to and unfortunately I’m having a lot of setbacks setting up our instance. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  1. Monday forms don’t support basic fields like people, subitems nor do they have any logic that you can use to hide/show fields (I’m not even going deep in form logic). All the external integrations are paid (which we can’t add). How to get around it? If people can’t add their email or select stakeholders for their project, what other ways we could achieve it? (I tried using the Vlookup integration but it only works for single value and not multiple.
  2. How do I setup an approval workflow? Right now all I can do is send an email or notification in teams,slack etc. But the user submitting an urgent project can still go in and make changes to their submissions. Is there a way to not let them do that while their request is under review?
  3. How to get values from parent item to sub items for fields like status, people etc. I have tried the mirror column method but it’s not a good solution as it just keeps on adding more columns that we have no use for. Any other way?
  4. Any way to have conditional paths in automations without creating separate automation?
  5. Can you copy paste data?

Honestly I’m not happy at all with this platform. What are some ways I can use it effectively and solve most of these use cases mentioned above? Also, we don’t really want to go the route of buying tons of integrations so any free integrations that do the jobs would be awesome.

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Hi @ameya.athalye !

Sorry to hear you have are not having a great experience with monday.

To try to answer your questions :

1.You can hide any of the columns you want from your form.

It is true many column types are not yet supported. Not knowing your exact workflow, I am not sure how to resolve the problem of adding stakeholders, but would it work ok for you having an employee
do these assignments via locked column? You can also use this automation (works if form “completer” has a monday account).

2.An exact approval system as you are describing cannot currently be implemented in monday. You can prevent a user from doing certain things (for example if they click a sumbit button, it would not work unless item has been approved - locked approval column only editable by the manager).

3.The following should work ok for you

If you want to transfer the actual data from the parent item ( for example a text column that says Yes), this unfortunately cannot be done.

4.Currently automations can be conditionally edited with AND conditions. For OR conditions, you would have to create additional automations.

5.I am not sure exactly what you want to achieve, but in general you can. You can also export and import data.

Some of your problems could be resolved by using a platform like

I hope I helped you even a little. Should you require professional assistance, feel free to contact us at .

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Thanks @GiannisKoukounas,

I don’t want to just hide the fields but hide or show them on the form based on the logic (for example, if the answer to the previous question is yes then show the field else hide it), but that’s not possible.

  1. I can’t use that automation because stakeholders for every project are different and only people who are submitting a project know that. So having that option would be better. I tried going the dropdown column way and then using VLookup but Vlookup looks for only one value and most of our projects have more than one stakeholders.

For the approval system, I have a new board where submissions are coming which is only visible to the approvers and once they approve the project, that item is moved to the board where all projects lie. But it’d be great to have an actual approval workflow, I’ll submit a feature request.

  1. I tried it, but values didn’t get copied over as you said, bummer.
  2. Good to know, thanks.
  3. Importing also works partially, subitems can’t be imported and almost half of the column types can’t be imported and then it creates double work to manually add missing data.
    Thank you for your response. I’ll keep digging and learning.


Hi @ameya.athalye !

Welcome to the monday .com community!

Sorry to hear that you’re facing challenges while using monday Work OS. I have been using monday dot com for over 2 years and it really helped us in streamlining workflows, improving collaboration among teams across departments, and automating repetitive tasks. I would suggest you get in touch with a certified consultant and seek end-to-end consultation pertaining to the challenges you are dealing with. By partnering with an expert, you can make the most of this Work OS.

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