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Hi everyone,

I’m Tran from Doutomation. For background, I’m Zapier Premier Expert and do alot of integration with and I realize there some limitation with current Monday App in Zapier. So I decide to creat a private Zap that can do something right now the Monday App can’t do.

If you guys have some time, please check out the full video explain:
Full guide:
Otherwise you can read the details below.

  1. Create subitem with column values
    How many times you wanna build a zap step that can create a subitem with all the column values from previous step? Say no more cause this new private app can help you accomplish it.
    With this new action, you can create a subitem with all the column values in that sub.

  1. Create a subitem/multi subitem and return subitem id.
    Right now you can create a subitem with the current Zapier app but the big problem is it not return the subitem id. And since you can’t look up the subitem using the name so there is no way to update the subitem. This new action will solve that problem. It will return subitem name and subitem id in JSON pair and you can use it for the next step.

  2. Get all subitems from an Item
    The current Monday Apps is return all the raw data for this action and its pretty much unusable. My new private is return with nice clean formatted JSON Array and you can put it into a loop to loop through each subitem.

Current App

New Private App

  1. Get Item by Column Value.
    Same situation with the get all subitem above. The data return from the current app is raw and can’t be use for next step.

Current Zap

New Private App

  1. Get/Lookup item by Name
    This is the question I got ask most of the times by almost all of my client using “Do you know how to look up the item by name”? So with this new action, from now on you can look up the item by name.

That’s all the feature of my private app. If you guys want to try this out please feel free to reach me out at my website:

Thanks you guys for reading this. I’m looking forward for your feedback.