Using for Task Management? Speak to one of our marketing managers!

Hey everyone,

We’re looking for users who are using for task management and would be happy to have a short call with one of our marketing managers to share their workflow and boards!!

Anyone interested? Just reply here and we’ll set it up!

Thanks in advance :pray::trophy::slight_smile:

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Hi Julia, how are you?

We are heavy users when it comes down to task management within and always happy to have a quick talk about it. Let me know if you would like to setup a call.


Perfect Eltjo :slight_smile:
I’ll pass your email alone to Iris who is conducting the calls and she’ll set a time with you!

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Happy to discuss some of our task management oriented workflow(s)!

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Happy to schedule a call as well. Just PM me!

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We have all types of different task boards in our account. Would be happy to have a short call with someone. We are a branding and design agency with all remote employees.

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Hi Jay,
Thanks a lot, I will contact you via email

Hi Robin,
Thanks a lot, I will contact you via email

Thanks Troy,
I will contact you via email

Hey Julia! We just started using Monday for task management and we’d love to set up a call.

Hi @marykate.meedzan

I’m just checking since you’re new to the platform that you have already established your workflow. The call is to understand your setup and what columns/features you use rather than a consultancy call on how to improve?