New to Monday. Admin for a sales organisation

I am curious how should I setup my Monday. We have a couple of products that we sell in the residential space and have 4 internal and 3-4 external sales contractors. Internal or external sales contractors should not be able to see each other’s leads/sales/data. I am hoping someone will take time out and reply to these very basic questions.

1 - Should the boards be based on # of products or # of contractor sales reps (data cant be shared between the contractors)

2- I saw the High and Low level boards, is that applicable in this case? I see we have control over which coloumn to show but not what is the data in that coloumn.

3- Is there any ready made solution which I can get for free?

Hey Raza!

It sounds like it would be helpful if you did a board per contractor and each item on the board is a project/client of theirs. You could do groups in the board for each product you sell.

High level and low level boards could be useful! Especially if you have a “contacts” board with all your clients listed there and you don’t want to have to repeat all this information in each board they might be mentioned. Take a look at an example here.

Yes, you can check out the templates center to dive right in without having to build everything from scratch!

Are the contractors being added as users to your monday account? If not, you will want to simply share the appropriate board with the contractor via a shareable board view.

If you are adding the contractors to the account, you can make the boards into private boards, meaning only those who are invited to that specific board are able to see anything on it.

Does this help? Let us know what you think!