Creating a CRM Board centred on businesses, not on individuals

I am brand new to and I am testing it before suggesting my small company adopts it as our main shared sales / CRM platform.

We need a system that is centred around tracking the customer path of potential client businesses, not around specific named leads / contacts who happen to work at those businesses. The pre-built CRM templates on Monday all seem built around using people, not the company as the key descriptor. Is there a board I can use that focuses on the company first and foremost?

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I’m going to chime in here too. So much commerce is B2B vs B2C. Yes in B2B you might have a primary relationship contact, but each deal may have different lead contacts. B2B also tends to be far more repeat business, where contacts come and go over time. The whole process is different for B2B. has a big opportunity to expand into enterprise accounts by building out their B2B CRM offerings.

@Richard_L1 I am not aware of one built in, especially the monday CRM product. That said, it can be built on but may take work, and possible assistance from a consultant (if you don’t want to invest a bunch of up front time becoming a monday pro before you get to the right solution). Yes I am one of those consultants, for transparency.

Thanks for the response @codyfrisch - at least I wont need to spend more time looking for something that is (surprisingly) not there.

I am not sure I have ever worked in an organisation (non-profit / local gov / private sector) that hasn’t tracked sales activity via the business name. I can probably build something clunky but seems a waste of all the available connectedness / analysis of Monday. We currently track via clinchpad and was expecting Monday to at least offer similar functionality.

I think something to remember is monday isn’t built around a fixed set of features and workflows - its a product built for you to create the workflows you want/need.

It may just take relabeling some columns and then creating a separate contacts board that connects to the leads board. I typically abstract farther, with a leads board that links to the business and relevant contacts on other boards. (and contacts are tied to the business as well). This is because so often your pipeline is built around existing customers - just new work.

You can definitely build your own off what monday has done and get the same connectedness, and a lot of the analytics.

The main issue is the CRM is built around getting new business, not servicing existing clients.

Totally agree! Customizing your CRM board on Monday to fit your business’s unique needs is key. Have you thought about incorporating sugar CRM into this mix? It might help bridge that gap between acquiring new business and servicing existing clients seamlessly. Would love to hear how others are tweaking their workflows for optimal efficiency!