CRM Structure For Managing Existing & Future Customers

I would like to use for our CRM. We would like it to have a contact database of all our current customers and prospects. We would like it to Be used for a sales pipeline for prospects, but also manage ongoing projects, tasks etc. for our existing customers. I see a lot of CRM examples being shared but the all have only one workspace. I would assume there would be a workspace for contact that would be all existing and future customers. And a separate but linked workspace for the sales pipeline. We are not sure how to get the functionality we need from only one workspace. Thus, any assistance for utilizing what we are looking for in a single workspace or a way to do what we are thinking would be appreciated.

Hi @Slevy - You can cross link boards in multiple workspaces. Your only limitation is going to be making sure that the people who need to see the mirrored data have permissions on the linked boards and workspace(s) as well. You can’t expose data they don’t have permission to see.

Our implementation (currently in refinement) has a workspace called CRM which contains boards for Companies, Contacts, Products and Pipeline. As suggested by @PolishedGeek, by using ‘Linked Boards’ you can point contacts, contacts and products all to a company.

Then, each department has a workspace where projects can be managed and associated with a specific client using the ‘Linked Board’ column.

Hope this helps.

Hi @Slevy -

Hopefully the above suggestions are helpful! I also wanted to point you to the following CRM resources that may help you find what you’re looking for:

This CRM Template has everything you need to get started :slight_smile:

Be sure to check out the CRM Learning Center dashboard that gets added as part of the above template for additional training resources.


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