One Main Contact & Account board

Hello. As a team, we work via different worskpaces, however we share a lot of contacts and accounts. I can’t figure out if possible/how to create one pool of data, which all teams can feed into.

  1. Need one place where all contacts and accounts can be viewed
  2. Need to be able to cross-use data (contacts, accounts) between boards
    i.e. Team in Workspace “A” can use the account that has been created in Workspace “B” (at the moment, if I create an account or contact in a specific workspace, it does not show anywhere else)
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As a general business best practice, usually all accounts and and contacts are kept in a single perspective board.

By having a centralized location for each of these, it is easy then to “allocate” them to different boards, even if they are located in different workspaces. You can also easily categorize them ( for example, an account used in workspace a and c could have in a dropdown column the tags workspaceA and workspaceC, and you could also create views for these ).

You can easily create connections with the required boards (one item can be connected to many other boards) and also set up mirror columns.

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We are facing the same problem