Help needed - moving over from Salesforce. Account/Contact linkage solution?

Hi! I’m thinking about making the case to my company that we should switch over fully from Salesforce to Monday, since for us, SF just acts as a contact dump, rather than an interactive system we use on a day to day basis.

The main problem I’m having is envisioning a way to link multiple contacts to an account. I’m thinking of having one Contact Database board, with two groups: Accounts & Contacts. For example, if I have an Account, like a company, and I have various staff members of that Account/Company as Contacts, is there a way I can somehow link those contact items to another item that is an Account?

Secondly, I want to be able to link any occurrence/appearance of these contacts or accounts across my boards and workspaces BACK TO my Contact Database board. I want to make sure there’s a centralized place I can aggregate information on all these accounts and contacts, even if I’m accumulating that data in different boards.

I’m thinking that the tags function will allow me to do this. I could assign every Account a unique tag (there will be 1000+, can support that many tags??), and assign that same tag to all relevant contacts. And then for all other boards where contacts or accounts appear, I can use a VLookup column based on the item name (is that possible?) that will display the associated tag. Then when I click on or search for that tag, all the relevant actors and info will show up across my whole, right?

Does that sound viable? It will take a lot of manual labor to create and assign all those tags.

Has anyone else figured out a method to do this? What else have you tried?