Linking contacts to accounts/businesses - two way connections using connect boards column

I’m new to so I have started with the CRM template and have been trying some things out, creating my own boards, etc.

What I would like to do is link contacts to companies and also accounts so that I can view the data for any of the 3 places and they are linked.

Just to set the scene and explain the terminology I’m using, in our business a contact is a person, a company is a business that multiple contacts may work for, and as some of the companies may be leads and are not yet customers, an account is a company that is also a customer.

So let’s imagine that I have the following contacts:
Mickey Mouse
Donald Duck
Elmer Fudd

The contacts board has a column linked to the company board that allows me to select the company (Disney) for each of them - perfect so far.

On the company board I have added a linked column to the contacts and expected that the Disney row would now show the 3 contacts, but it doesn’t.

Where am I going wrong?

Hey @Max-Headroom :wave: Welcome to the community!

To clarify, you want any connections you make in the Company board to also link in the Contacts board and vice versa, is that correct?

If so, then this is absolutely possible if you make sure to select the “Create a two-way connection” box when setting up the column for the first time.

It is not possible to add this two-way connection after a column has already been made, so you would need to add an entirely new connect boards column if you want this ability.

Does this help? Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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Hi Jenna, for some reason I can’t edit my original test boards to make this work but I created two new ones and they link together fine - so thanks for sorting that out :+1:

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