"Circular" Linking of boards

Hello! I’ve got a little conundrum that I’m hoping someone can shed some light on.

I’m working on building a CRM for our nonprofit. One of the requests I have gotten is that individual people AND companies both live as separate, connectible entities. That way, we can run reports on donors etc. and build a compelling ‘company profile’ via dashboards.

Here’s the first minor hiccup I’ve run into:

I have built a board for donation tracking/invoicing. The workflow is this: To input an invoice, you create it in the board, and use a linked contacts column to populate the info of the donor, mirrored from the contacts board. Part of that mirroring is pulling the company, which itself is a connected column on the contact. So, you’re pulling a mirror of connection. It displays perfectly on the invoice board, however, it doesn’t connect back to the mirrored company item, likely because what I’m seeing on the invoice board is just a MIRROR of that connection, not the connection itself.

Which brings me to my question: Can there be a formula, or different workflow, so that when you connect the company through the mirror it then connects the invoice item back to the company automatically?

The manual workaround I have so far is to just create a 2-way connection between the invoice board and the company board and have the user manually select the company from THAT column. I’m trying to automate that process.

I hope that made sense. Im a little new to this level of in-depth manipulation of the platform, so my guess is that I’m missing something obvious.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @AndrewKufta :wave:

Dani here with the monday.com team - as the new moderator I just wanted to check in on this as I can see there hasn’t been a reply from our team.

Were you able to resolve this workflow? If not, we’d be happy to assist in any way that we can!

It sounds like the 2-way connection is a good workaround here.
You can set up automations that will manage the connections for you, such as the example below:

This would let you match the item to something on another board using a particular value to automatically connect the two items.
Could this be an option for you?

If not, I would love to take a closer look here to better understand your current set up and continue to advise.
Would you be able to share a screenshot of the boards you’re working with, or PM them to me if you aren’t comfortable sharing them within this thread?



Hey @AndrewKufta :wave:

It looks like Dani has provided a potential solution for you!

If this doesn’t quite solve your question, let us know in this thread or PM us with more details so we can continue assisting from there :slight_smile:

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I hope the answers in this thread are useful!
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