Connect Boards and Mirror Columns

We are building a group of boards to handle routing customer calls. I have created 4 boards:

  1. Customer Board: Tracks contact info for all customers
  2. Intake Board: All calls are processed here, along some brief information about the needs of the customer
  3. Sales Board: All sales calls are routed to this board
  4. Support Board: All support calls are routed to this board.

The Intake Board has a two-way connection to the Customer Board and mirrors the phone number and email address. There is a status column that has Sales and Support as options. There is an automation based on the status column that creates a new item in the board that matches the selected status, assigns the item, and notifies the assigned person.

If the Sales Status was selected in the Intake Board, then a new item is created in the Sales Board that has a two-way connection to the Intake Board. The Customer Name, Phone, and Email from the Customer Board, which are mirrored to the Intake Board, are further mirrored to the Sales Board.

When I go to the Intake Board, I can see, in the Sales Board Connect Column, all of the Sales Board connections. I would like to be able to go to the Customer Board and see all of the Sales Board Connections a given Customer has.

I have created a two-way connection between the Customer Board and the Sales Board. I attempted to use the Match automations, but was unsuccessful. In the Sales Board, I used the “When an item is created in this board, ‘connect’ the item where ‘Customer’ matches ‘Name’ in ‘Customers’ by ‘adding new matched item’” automation. I tried it with ‘adding new matched item’ and with ‘overwriting new matched item’. It will only work with the first matched instance. If I add a second instance with a matching customer name, it is ignored.

I have also considered VLookup and Column Magic, but am having trouble seeing how either of these would produce the desired result. Additionally, to make this all more fun and complex, the finished product must be HIPAA compliant. We have the Enterprise account, but any apps we use must also be HIPAA compliant in order for us to use them.

We are using Emails & Activities to track all updates, notes, and emails. I need the boards connected like this so that all of the emails, notes, and updates will show up across a customer’s entire history with us. That way, our team can see all of a given customer’s Emails and Activities interactions from any instance on the Sales, Support, Customer, or Intake board.


Instead of using the boards, try building this same process as a CRM. It would most likely give you the functionality you need. Or ask an expert at

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If I understand what you are proposing, we should purchase the CRM tool and build this out there instead of in Work OS?

I’d love to learn more about your instance. But based on your post you can connect the info and still route it to your various boards.

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Would love to help

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I think I’m running into some very similar issues with my setup, and I can tell you, it’s not better in the CRM project. The CRM comes with a couple of boards that are linked together in seemingly magic ways that are not possible to manually create (why this limitation??). Nonetheless, having multiple boards connect and stay synced without having to manually select links in each board is proving nearly impossible. I’m many days in to trying to create a work around. I get close, but haven’t found it yet.