Use Primary Column as link for board connections

I am using the Connection Column to bring in Mirror Columns from Board B into Board A. My connection inputs live in the primary column in Board A. Is there a way to autopopulate the inputs for the Connection Column for Board B? They are exactly the same as in Board A, and right now I am hand typing each value and clicking the checkbox to connect the right lines from Board B. It’s also a little silly to have 2 columns with the same value. Please help!

Hi @MondayMyco - welcome to the community. Depending on your situation you can use matching automations to automatically connect the records from the two boards. Just type “match” into the automations center and you will get a few options:

These should do the trick!


Thanks for the suggestion! This will work for future imports, but I’m trying to update my past board with links. Any tips there?

Also I did try one of those suggestions and it didn’t seem to work. I did “When [Status B] changes connect the item where [Name B] matches [Name A] in [Board A]” . . . I didn’t see any change in the mirror column in Board A, and also no change if I made a [Status] column in Board A. Not sure if I created phrase correctly.

hi @MondayMyco

The solution provided by @mark.anley is great but indeed works only when triggered (either column change or item creation). Alternatively you could have a look at this app which matches two columns on different boards (in your case the leftmost (name) column in board A and B) and returns the value of another column (the index) from the source board to the target board. This is an alternative to mirroring and might / might not fit your use case.

Hi @MondayMyco Did you tried the VLOOKUP auto-link for Once mapping your boards you can trigger it to auto-link values you already entered in the past.

The built-in automation recipes should work, I use these in many boards in our environment. If you are making the status changes in batches, it can sometimes take a few minutes to reflect the connections on all pulses (and sometimes misses a few altogether). If you see the connection on Board B, but not on Board A, make sure that you’ve configured your Connect Boards column to create a 2-way connection.


I am a little confused here but if I am understanding this right you should be able to just duplicate the line items you need copied and move them to the other board. OR if you need copied automations then duplicate the board and move the already entered line items to the duplicated board.

The 2-way connection works here, but only for items populated after the automation is set. For future readers - you have to manually connect all the entries made before the automation is active (the painful part of getting boards all set up, but it’s worth it).