See connected items on both boards (after creating a one-way connect column instead of two-way)

Hey there,

I’m using several boards with a “connect boards” column.
Thing is, I set it up a long time ago as a One-way connection (meaning I can see on board A the connected items from board B, but I don’t see anything on board B).

My goal today is to also soo on board B the connection with items on board A.

Is there a way to “redo” this connection ?
Other that just creating a new two-way “connect boards” column and connecting them all manually.

Please let me know if I’m not being clear.

This is my Board A with connected items + mirror column

Now I would love to see it the other way on Board B without redoing the connection

Hi @QDagault - sadly I dont believe there is a way to alter the column to a two-way after initially creating as a one-way.


Hi @mark.anley ,

This is what I feared indeed.