No Longer Able to map connected board ("link to item") column in item creation automations

Is anyone else seeing this issue within the past few days? I’m wondering if this is a bug or something associated with a recent release.

Ever since we started using within the past year, we’ve been creating items on lower level (project) boards, and the duplicating those items to a Master board. I know several other organizations are using this type of layout. An automation from the lower level (project) boards, duplicates each item to the Master item board. We’ve mapped a bunch of columns in these automations, including some item link (connect board) columns that exist on the Master board. For example, in the screenshot below, we update the automation on the lower level board to specify the specific customer project (located on another Master Project board)

However, now when I open up the same automation recipe, I’m no longer able to map to “connect board” columns. Is this just a bug? Did this functionality go away? This would cause HUGE issues with our overall workflow / structure of if this is no longer supported! We’re supposed to expand our platform usage starting November 1st to encompass ALL of our company’s projects. I’m very nervous that this will delay our go-live.

If anyone else has experienced this and / or has any thoughts on resolving this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @rckent - interesting. I just checked a few installs, and they are the same and missing connect board columns in item creation mappings.

We don’t tend to utilize this functionality often (as it requires manual changes to automations) however I can see how this could be a BIG problem.

I am going to take this one up with monday to see if I can get some sort of understanding on what has happened and will report back.



Thank you so much @mark.anley! I appreciate it!


Hi @rckent - FYI they are looking into it however this appears to be a system wide change/bug/(enhancement) as the could recreate it on their end. I will report back once I have more.


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Thank you so much Mark!

Could the new “mirroring” functionality have been put into place to replace the need for this detailed level of automation? I am not saying it’ s not terribly inconvenient NOT to know about this and have to change it now that it doesn’t work, it just seems that might do the same thing.

I am not sure if this is the same issue but we used to be able to have a project board with a link to the master board and then create a job on another board and it would have the same link to the master board which has now stopped working.

So frustrating, Software company’s should not be able to cease functionality

Hi Teresa,
We are leveraging the mirrored columns with this lower level board & master board set-up. However, there are still limitations with it that require us to have this automation to recreate identical items in the master board. The main limitation being that you can only connect up to a certain number of boards. Since we are on the pro plan, we can only connect 20 boards to one board. Since we have over 50 projects (lower level boards), we need to use a master board to have all of our tasks in one place.

@Ben_Muncaster I totally agree! At the very least, this should have been fully communicated so we could plan around it.

Honestly this is the kind of thing that prevents me from going all-in as a ‘Work OS’. You can’t sell a platform on it’s wonderfully granular capabilities, and then go and arbitrarily - and without warning it sounds like - remove/break functionalities that are key to some users’ workflows. I will continue to tip-toe in, but we’re a long way from full adoption when these shenanigans are still occurring. Hopefully the team can keep Ryan out of hot water by reverting or providing a fix.

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Is there any update here? This is a major setup on my boards that is making a big mess.

Not much to update at this time. I am in discussions with monday however I am not receiving any clear message on what has happened or is happening. They have mentioned it appears to be a bug and are looking into it, so hopefully functionality is reverted back more sooner than later.

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I really appreciate your persistence, Mark! Thank you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions and / or need any more details.

Any news on this feature that was killed without warning?
This feature is extremely important for automation!

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Checking in again so this topic doesn’t fall off. Any news?

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Is there any update here? This is a major setup on our boards too.

Hi Everyone - apologies but I completely forgot to post this. Working directly with monday I received the following response:

Due to bugs and performance issues and the feature not working as expected, the link to item column was rolled back with no ETA of it being re-released. It has a lot of implications and intricacies that wont be supported in the current version.

I have asked for some clarity as this is a long-standing function (available for years) so a tough pill to swallow to have it removed for “performance issues”.

I am continuing to chase and will report back to y’all once I have more clarity…

Thank you @mark.anley for the update. That is disappointing to hear. Fortunately, in this case, I was able to find a workaround (which I’ll share below). My bigger concern with this is the lack of communication from I think it’s imperative that changes to current features and sunsetting current features be communicated in advance so we can plan around these situations vs. uncovering them after the fact and scrambling to find a workaround.

The workaround that we’ve implemented uses an automation on both the lower level (project) board, and the Master board.

On the lower level (project) board: Using the same automation as before, we instead input the “project ID” associated with the project that we want to link to (vs. before, we would just enter the project item in the “connect boards” column.

On the Master Board: Using a new automation (below), we link the project item to the newly created item based on the “Project ID” matching

Happy to answer any questions / elaborate if folks need more information. This workaround is working ok for us, albeit it’s a bit more tedious than before, and also it uses up more automations and you’re only allotted so many each month.


Good stuff @rckent - this is our preferred approach. Depending on how your board is named (if your board name is the ID or a portion of it) you can also use General Caster to default the ID on item creation by pulling/parsing the board name.


My mapping just disappeared last week. This post began about 4 months ago and we still had our connected boards mapped successfully until last week it just disappeared–no warning at all. I sent an email to but no resolution. Why would they just cut this out with absolutely no warning?