Why isn't this automation working?

I am trying to figure out how to get the automation “When an item is created in this board, create an (item) in (another board) and link them using (link to item column)” to work correctly. When I try to do this, it does not appear to link properly and show the mirrored columns. Does anyone know how I can change this?

Example: I made the item on the board with the automation, added in a status and a date as seen here:

But on the other board it has created the item, but has not linked them (and thus the mirrored columns don’t show the information on the first board.

Am I doing something wrong?!

hey @jharvey - welcome to the monday.com community an extension of the monday.com family!

The reason for this is that the automation is creating the link in board A and not board B where you then want to pull data from. This function is just meant to have a workflow where you know that item in Board A is connected with item in Board B but it would not create synching capabilities.

Can you tell us what is your workflow and what you are looking to accomplish?

Thank you for the response.

My desired workflow is:
When a new items are created on board A, a matching item is created in board B and the mirrored columns in board B show the applicable columns from board A.

Let me know if I need to clarify more.

Thank you.

Can you tell us the need to have the same information in two boards?