Create Item Automation - Linked items, Files

I have created an Automation on one of my boards, to create an item in another board. This works fine, except it seems there is no way to automatically create the same Linked Items and Files as the “original” item. Is that correct? Is there a way to do this?

Or perhaps it’s better to create a copy of the item, or move the item to the other board, but then I have an issue with “mapping” the right columns if they don’t have the same names (or they do and shouldn’t).

Hi @reinhardts! Would you mind writing in to with this question and a screenshot of the automation you’ve set up? We’d love to take a look!

Hi Reinhardts
Did you find a solution to this issue?

In case it helps, I set up a private board that creates items on 4 other boards using the same name when the status is changed. One of those other boards includes a column with Link to Item so it in turn creates a matching column on the Linked board.
I still need to manually add the file, which usually lags the creation of the item by a day or two.

Nope, unfortunately creating linked files and linked items is not yet included in automations on as far as I understood.

This is the Automation I am using:

Private Board A
I create a new item and then when ready change the status
Automation: When Status Changes to Done create an Item in [Board B]

Board B
This includes Link to Item which I have linking to the Files column
A new item is created from that first automation which then triggers a new automation
Automation: When an Item is created in this board, create an item in [Board C] and link them using Link to [Board C] in this board

Board C
A new item is created from the automation
I add files to the Files column which also show up on Board B in Link to Item

Hi Susan, but still you need to add the files manually after successfully creating/moving items between boards? meaning you lose the files that were uploaded to a specific item in original board?

are you sure (do you represent Monday?)

Not sure, just what I found in my tests.
And no, I do not represent Monday.

Ok thanks









I have this same link set up between my boards, and yet am still having to input the file each time a new item is created through the automation?