Can you use automation to create two new items in seperate boards and link them?

To start, I have a board for “Leads”. When a lead is is officially onboarded as a client, I want to make two new items in two different boards, “Accounts” and “Contacts”.

I’d like to use automations to automatically create these when a button is pressed (already done) and link them together. I can use automations to link them to the original board, but I’m having trouble linking them together. Is this possible?

Hey Matthew,

Could something like this work for you?

Feel free to elaborate further if I’ve misunderstood :pray:

Hi @BiancaT,

This works for creating the items, but I’m spesifically trying to connect the two new boards to each other. When I make a new automation it only gives me the options to connect to the original board or to the one that I’m making. It doesn’t allow me to connect the two new ones to one another.

Let me know if that’s confusing, not sure if I’m explaining it very well.

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Thank you for clarifying - makes sense!

If you’d like to connect the two new boards together (automatically) after the items are created in each of the boards, our match automations might be best suited for you here… these automations allow you to automatically connect items across boards based on matching values. You can set this up in either of the new boards so that when a new item is created, it automatically connects/matches to the item in the other board.

Let me know if this makes sense :pray: