Automatically Linking/Unlinking Boards to a Connect Board Column

I would love an automation or setting that automatically links a newly created board in xx Workspace to a main project board. I am trying to set up a workflow where we have mirrored items but for each new board we need to manually connect and map columns which is time consuming. Given we work off a template for project creation I would hope this would be a simple addition that allows us to easily use mirrored columns for splitting up department work and sending it into relevant boards within Monday.

Or just an automation recipe that allows you to add a new board connection may work.

I agree that this needs to be added! The connection is a pain because if you disconnect you alos have to go to each board right now and unlink from each side also.

For your scenario though, there is a work around app that offers right now called Roll-Up Multiple Boards. It would get you the mapping and connection with much less effort to do the connections. It is a little bit of a set up but after set up it works great!

Let me know if you check it out! and Hopefully sees this!