Automatically Mapping Mirrored Columns

I’m having a slight UX issue with setting up a workflow with connect boards, I feel like it’s well designed to connect one board to one other but when trying to connect multiple boards to one main project board i’m running into problems.

The use case for us is this:

  1. Major Project Board that has multiple groups, these represent stages of the project
  2. I then added a Request Work button and it sends it to a seperate board labbeled xx Web Jobs based on which group it’s in
  3. Those department boards have mirror columns that mirror relevant information about the project

The issue is that the mirrored information on the new board doesn’t work, because on the new board I want to show the information as it is on the project board, so I have set up mirror columns. I can’t set up the mirror columns on the main project board because some tasks are actioned from within the project itself. So I just wanted a way of automatically showing the correct column on the department boards without having to manually select it once the new item has been created.

Hope that makes sense, I have attached some screenshots that show the workflow i’ve set up.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 10.22.25 am