Mirrored columns of new connected boards have to be configured manually


I feel this probably is a common issue, but since I couldn’t find anything quite similar I’m posting my own case here.

Currently I have a high level board called late activities which receives a linked copy of items that the due date has passed. This items come from many project boards, all from the same template. In this template, I have an automation that when the due date of an item has passed, and some conditions are met, a copy of an item is created in this late activities board and linked toghether.

In this high level board, I have mirrored columns showing some basic informations of the project boards tasks. The problem is that, when a new project is linked with this board, the mirror columns do not read the information, because everytime a new project board is added, I have to manually say what data the mirror column should link from this new project. Since they are all from the same template, I feel that should be done in a more atumated way.

I’m linking a image of the automation I use and also an image of this late activities board, with the empty data from the newly added board on the mirorred column config.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a way around this? Is there a feature request for this so I can upvote it?