Connect board and Mirror column issue

Hello Team,

We are facing one issue in connect board and mirror column below are the details,

We have a one task in board A then this Task flows through diffrent levels of boards for approvals so in this case we have created one master bord to keep track of that task.

So we have created one automation of create item in master board and connect that board with diffrent levels.

Now in this case initially that task was reflecting its status through diffrent boards in master board in which board its pending but now its not reflecting as before it was showing in the same board.

Need your suggestions. Thank you.

This question I have also want to know more.

After adding the Mirror Column, you will immediately be prompted to add a Connect Boards Column and to create a link to one or more other boards. To complete the set up, click on the blue “Link” button. Clicking on this button will automatically create a new Connect Boards Column on the current board that you are on.