Allow connect/mirror columns to be added to a new board when an automation creates an item

It would be create if a “connect-boards” column (and any mirrored columns) could be included when there’s an automation for a change in one board to create an item in another board.

For instance, we have 1 board that lists all of our contacts. Those contacts are linked to board X where, when confirmed, an automation triggers an item to be created on board Y. Both board X and Y have columns to connect to the contacts board, but the contact linked in board X cannot auto-populate onto board Y like other information (item name, statuses, etc.).

hi @BeccaGarnett

Welcome to the community! Depending on your exact use case it might be a solution to:

  • make sure you click the checkbox “Create a two-way connection” in your connect boards column
  • now both boards (X and Y) will have the connect boards column
  • make sure your new item creation references the other board in the connect boards column (e.g. by using item default values)

Hope that helps.