Auto Connect Tasks to mirror columns on another board

Automation that reads like this: “When a new item is created, connect item to mirror column on board”

The workflow I would like to put together would include an automation that automatically connects a new task in a project board to a portfolio board project. Right now we have to manually select the new task to show that task in the Status mirror column on the portfolio board.

hi @apokorny

You can achieve this in different ways.

  • change the connect_boards column to a two-way mirror. Now your project board will also get a connect_boards column (the other side of the mirror) and all you need to do is to set item default values in your project board and set it to the item in your protfolio board.
  • alternatively you can use the app Rollup Multiple Boards that give a number of advantages over the connect_boards column

Thank you very much for your answers above. It made my day.