Board in mirror column not automatically connecting

I’m using to manage multiple projects, these projects are being created automatically using a board template.

I also have another board we’re using to capture timesheets, I’ve connected this board to the project template so any new projects are automatically connected and we can pull data from a project into the timesheet - This is useful to show remaining effort for a particular task. This is all working great and I can pull various columns from a project into the timesheet board.

Our challenge is adding the project name to the timesheet board, the project name is just the name of the project board so it can be added as a mirror column - But for some reason we need to manually go in and connect the board, whereas if we used any other field the column would connect automatically.

Hi @PhilipJeffery - when you setup the connection between the boards did you set it as a two-way connection?



Two way connection definitely setup, I can pull data from the project board columns and they automatically connect to my new project board.

Its only when I set the mirror column to show the board name the board doesn’t automatically connect.

As far as I can tell I’m doing everything right, it seems to be a bug