Creating a oneToMany relationship in between two boards

I am looking to create a One To Many connection in between two boards.
After a lot of googling and searching here I’d love some help.
The Situation:
I have a company board (C) and a problems board (P)
Some people work on each problem individually and others look at problems per company.

The Want:
I want to be able to update what company a problem in P is,
and for company in C to update with the list of all the problems that are linked to it.

So an connection of a few items in P will show as a list in a field in C.

What I will do with this:
I want to have a mirror column in C that will show all the statuses of the items in P.

Help will be really appreciated.

Hi @dcschreiber - welcome to the community. This should be pretty straightforward. Just create a connected board column between the Company and Problems board and make sure its a two-way connection.

From the Problem board, set the column to not allow multiple connections and from the Company board set the column to allow multiple connections.

Then create a mirror column on the Company board connected to Problem Status.

For the folks that like to see all problems with a company they can just filter on the company column in the Problem board.

This would be the most simplistic solution; however more developed and detailed solutions are also available depending on your specific needs.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the answer Mark.

The problem is that I can’t find the “two-way connection” option in Monday or on Google.
Any idea how I do that?

Hi @dcschreiber - when you create the connect boards column and select the board you want to connect to make sure to select the two-way option:


Please note, once you setup a connection as one-way or two-way you cannot change it.

Hope this helps.


Wow I missed that checkbox (I looked like 4 times)
Thank you so much!!