Can you update the "Create a two-way connection" after a "Connect Board" field has been created?

Hello, I have two boards: Customers and Jobs.

Customers can have many Jobs, and Jobs have one parent Customer.

I initially created a “Connect board” field on the Jobs board. That is where I set which Customer the Job is for.

When I created it, I did not select the “Create a two-way connection” checkbox.

When viewing the Customers board, I want a column for the Jobs for the Customers. If I create a new “Connect Board” column, it makes a new connection/relationship.

Is it possible to have it use an existing connection/relationship?

I do not want to go through all of my Customers and recreate this field just so it can show up on both boards.

Any ideas? Thank you!


Bumping this back up to the top… Any ideas?

Hello chudhutchins10,

Instead of using 2 boards and connect them you can use the “group by” feature.
You can set a jobs board and define to which customer the job is for. Then the board can be grouped by the customer name so you can see all jobs related to each customer. You can save it as a view.

Hope this helps,

Hey @chadhutchins10! We hope @Ozi’s suggestion was helpful but send us an email at if you still need some assistance with this! :blush:

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