Merging multiple connect board columns into one

When creating CRM systems with connections from multiple objects, it’s possible to have more than one connection to another board in a single column. However, when you create a two way connect board column on a different board it’ll create an additional connect column in your target board, regardless of whether you have a connect column there which is connected there already or not.

To be clear:

Board A: Has connect column (CONNECT_1) with connections to boards A,B,C
Board B: Has no connect column
Add connect column CONNECT_2 to board B
Board A: Now has two connect columns CONNNECT_1 & CONNECT_3

I would like to easily merge 1 & 3, while retaining any existing connections of the columns.

Has anyone done this and can save me some time? Thx!

Following this. We ran into the same exact problem. Wanted to connect an item on one board to multiple other items both ways and not able to do it.

Off the top of my head, this could probably be done with a mix of automatic and manual actions.

Assuming you have board A that has A1…An connect columns to n different boards (each column can have an arbitrary amount of connections)

You would create connect column C on board A and manually connect it to all the different boards.
You can then fetch the column data for columns A1…An and use that data to update the C column with API calls.

So if item BOB is connected to ALICE on A1, JOHN on A2, JANE on A3 on so on after the process
BOB would be connected to ALICE,JOHN,JANE in column C.
Then you could delete all the connect columns.

If you have some programming exprience I can open a repo and maybe we can work on this toghether or something