Connect subitems into single column on another board

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I have a scenario where I have multiple boards that contain the same kind of subitems. In fact, Board A will eventually move to Board B when the deal progresses and it will move to Board C when it closes, etc. All of these boards have a subitem that references our Contact board (our CRM in another Workspace).

When I set this up, and create the connection with the Connect Boards field type, I can create a two way connection and a field will pop up in our Contact board with “link to Subitems of Board A”. If I do that for each of my boards (A, B & C), it creates a separate column for each in Contacts.

I’d rather have a single column in Contacts that references ALL of the other boards (A, B & C), labelling it something like Deals. That way, I can look at a contact record and see all of the deals that that contact is tied to, via the subitem they were linked in. I know this multiple connection field is possible with items (I’ve done that) but I can’t figure out how to do it with subitems. If I try to connect more boards to the “link to Subitems of Board A” column after I create the original connected link, Subitem’s don’t pop up as a linkable option. The two way connection seems to only be possible if I do it from the subitem side…and if I do that, I can’t combine them in the connected board, Contacts in this case.

Does this make sense and does anyone have any advice?

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Try duplicating board A to create boards B and C. A pain I know because you probably have a lot of other stuff setup. But I think this is the only way to have a two-way connection magically turn into a one-to-many board relationship.

I think you should try the app “Same Item Multiple Boards” - it allows you to sync the actual subitems in all other boards. Apps Marketplace

Hi @SaraT , I’ve published an article on how you can achieve that. Here’s the link

We’ve encountered this same challenge. @rodneyz link doesn’t seem to be working.
Does anyone know of a workaround that does not involve a 3rd party app?