Ability to Connect Subitems to Subitems Removed

It looks like it is no longer possible to select subitem boards when creating a connect boards column. Therefore, it is no longer possible to connect subitems to subitems.

Is this a permanent change? When did this happen? WHY?

Hey @JCorrell! I’ve chatted with my team, and from my understanding the platform never offered the ability to connect subitems directly to subitems, the Connect Boards column only allows you to connect from subitems to items in an alternate board.

One way you can work around the limitation of not being able to connect subitems to subitems is to roll the subitems of one or both boards up to the items via a Subitem Summary column, and then connect them on an item-level - I do however recognise this isn’t an ideal way to fulfil this function.

That said, I’ll follow up internally to see whether any changes are coming in the near future.


Thanks for the response.

Whether or not subitem could connect to subitems in the past, this would be very helpful.


Absolutely agree! I’ve heard back from our product team who have let me know that this feature request is on their radar , but at the moment no confirmed release plan - that said, please feel free to redirect this post here Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum so we can grow the votes and get this feature prioritised!

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Hi @BiancaT ,

I agree with @JCorrell , this would be great!!

I could not find a thread to vote/request. Is there any?

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Hey @Jonatas! It doesn’t look like the request exists from what I can see, so feel free to create your own post to get some votes behind it :raised_hands:

How do you connect from subitems to items with the connect boards column? I inconsistently see “Subitems of xxxx board” when trying to choose the subitems as the connection

Hey @sarahtireagent!

Just to check, are you saying that when you set up a connect boards column in the subitems, you’re given the option to connect to the subitems in a secondary board?

I ask this as currently you should only be able to connect subitems to items. If you have a screenshot that would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Hi @JCorrell,

You can actually connect subitems to subitems from two different boards. Let me give you an example:

  1. In the subitems of board A, create a ‘connected boards’ column and link it to the items in board B (check two way connection).
  2. In board B, go to the subitems section and press add column. In the menu, press on the option “copy parent columns” and select the ‘connected board’ column (link to subitems of Board A) in board B.

This will give you the ability to connect the subitems of board B with the subitems of board A. Then, you can create mirror columns to display data from the other board.

This is the only workaround I found. @Team Monday please do not remove this workaround, it’s very useful and me and my team are using it. Also, I’ve seen this feature being requested a few times and I’m sure that many users will find it useful :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


@BiancaT I may be having the same issue as Sarah. I have a Connect column set up at the Item level in one board, and I am trying to add a subitem board as the board it is connected to, however the desired subitem board is not shown in the list of available boards when I search for it. I know this is possible because I already have other connected subitem boards to this same Connect column.

Please advise how to resolve. Thanks!

Hey Amanda! Just to clarify, whilst it is possible to connect subitems to items, connecting subitems to subitems across boards isn’t currently possible - you would need to follow the workaround advised by @Chrisseus above :pray:

Yep understood - I am trying to connect subitems to Items, not to subitems. But the subitem board is not appearing in the list of available options.

Thanks for clarifying! If you select the two-way connection option, are you able to successfully connect subitems to items?

Hi, I had tried that and it didn’t help.

I ended up rearchitecting what I was trying to do to accomplish it without subitems and without connected columns.

Sorry to hear this didn’t work for you - if this is the case, this is certainly something our support team can investigate. You can reach them via support@monday.com. That said, I am glad you were able to find a way around this! Let me know if you need any additional help!

Hi Cristian,
I am very interested by your workaround, but I have troubles with the automations. How do you automatically create the connection ? I create subitems using a button, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get the connection created automatically. As you copy from the parent, it copies the column, but not what is inside the column…
Thanks for your answer

Hi Franck,

I’m glad to know that you are interested in this workaround. Unfortunately, in the board where you have to column which has the ability to select the subitems from another board, it’s not possible to automatically connect anything. I haven’t found a workaround for this and I usually add them manually.

In my personal use case, I was more interested in being able to connect them, even if we have to do it manually. If you manage to find a workaround, please let me know. As far as I’m concerned, monday.com doesn’t have any automations for creating subitems and connecting them.

Hi Cristian,

Thanks for your answer.
Too bad to hear that you can’t connect automatically the subitems. I our case, we have a huge quantity of data and we can’t rely on people to do the connection, so it’s something that is really missing in the automations.
@monday : Would it be possible to develop some more automations around the subitems ? something like “When subitem is created, …” and “When subitem status changes, connect subitem to board …”
Thanks for your consideration

Thanks again Cristian and have a good day


Hey @FdL,

I hear you on this! I have followed up with our automations team internally about the status of this features development in terms of subitems in automations … I will reply here once I get some information :pray:

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@FdL thank you for your patience with me!

I have recently heard back from the team who confirmed that the trigger “When subitem is cerated” is something they’re exploring and plan on addressing in the near future. I am not able to provide an ETA, but do know they’re aware of the need!

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