Connect subitems to another board

I am trying to link subitems with another board .
I create the column “connect boards” and then try to connect to the subitems of a board but it is not indicated in the possible selection however sometimes I have the possibility to select the board “Subitems of board X” … why is it possible sometimes and why sometimes not .
How to make it possible to link subitems of board X with another board Y

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![here it is posible |690x337](upload://yaJgetz9X87iaSJG2oSSOPH04FH.png)

Hi @leo3!

At this time, when connecting subitems to other boards, it is only possible to set up the connection from the subitem itself. As you have you have experienced, it is not currently possible to choose subitems from a connect boards column, unless the connect boards column was initially set up in the subitems themselves - does this make sense?

If you’re experiencing questionable behaviour, please reach out to our support via the help center so they can investigate this for you :pray:

Thanks Bianca for your help

i tried creating a "connected boards " from the subitems but that doesn’t work either . really annoying
I actually want to create a template from that board … but several automations and especially integrations don’t work when you create a new board from that template
Really disappointing .
I hope to find a solution for this for my company


Sorry to hear this Leo… if this behaviour doesn’t seem expected please reach out to our support team as our technical specialists will be able to investigate :pray:

Regarding automations/integrations on template boards, all automations that are turned on will duplicate over to the templated board. In regard to custom recipes using apps and integrations at this time these are NOT supported in the board duplication/templating process. These recipes will not duplicate over. (ie: Gmail / Outlook/ Slack/ Apps). I apologise for the setback here :pray:

Please cast your vote on the existing feature request to put greater emphasis on this need and get this on our developers radar!

Hey @leo3 - Are you trying to connect subitem to subitem or subitem to an item?

Is there any workaround to connect the subitem to an existing connect boards column in the other board?

We built an advanced time tracking setup in Monday, where we have one time tracking board for each customer / project and then mirror all entries to one overview board which we use for reporting. This works better for us than a Dashboard. But now I have a project, where I need to do the time tracking in subitems whereas in the other boards the time tracking was done on item level. All other boards are connected to the same connect boards column in the reporting board. Now I need to connect the subitems from the new project to that same column.

I would like to connect subitem to subitem. Is there such an option?

@Christoph @Soroh try the app “Same Item Multiple Boards” - it allows you to sync subitems from an item in board 1 to an item in board 2. It’s an alternative to connected boards/mirror columns. You can take a look here: Apps Marketplace

@garfield-labs indeed I found that app recently and it looks promising. However, the issue wer are facing with marketplace apps is that we need to sign a Data privacy agreement (we want our data to be safe and also be compliant with EU data privacy regulations) with the respective providers. So far, we didn’t get a satisfying DPA from any provider yet.

The developer’s website of this app does not even show an imprint. That doesn’t make us confident to trust them with our data and it doesn’t look promising to get into discussions about a DPA if the website is even lacking such basic information.

It would be nice to be able to connect sub items to other boards in the same manner you can connect items so you can mirror their info. Regardless if on the connected board it pulled into a item or sub-item

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