Connected Boards - Connect Subitems to Subitems

Hi team,

Is there any current development to connect subitems to subitems in the Connect-boards columns?

If not, this feature would be helpful.


Seems that the connection of subtasks directly through the connect-boards feature does not work. That comes to a surprise to me, as it seems quite straight forward to be done, as the same feature for tasks exists. There are other options to summarise subtasks etc, but in my case I have multiples subtasks and want their columns to be mirrored.

Would be interesting to see if others have similar issues.


I want to mirror a subitem on one board to a subitem on a second board, but it appears that only top level items can be mirrored. Please create a feature where subitems can be mirrored between boards!

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I am also looking for a way to connect Subitems from board A to subitems from Board B.
I have two different use cases where this would be helpful.
For example, connecting SOPs to Job Responsibilities. Or connecting Training Content to a Training Program. Is anybody in the community aware of updates or creative work arounds to accomplish something like this?

Appreciate any feedback!


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