Bug? Subitems only sometimes appear as option for Board Connection Column and Automation

HI! I have been searching desperately to troubleshoot an issue im having as I am trying to connect and mirror subitems from one board (Board A) as an item in another (Board B).

Here are the steps ive taken:

I created a Connect Boards column in the subitems of “Board A” and 2-way connecting it to “Board B”. It creates a new column in both “Board A” and “Board B”.

Then i go to add an automation to “Board A” for when the status of a subitem changes, it creates a new item in “Board B” and connects them.

I had success in my first 2 boards but as im doing further testing i run into a couple issues:

  1. I looked at the automations of the successful test and I can no longer choose “Board B”'s existing Board Connect column for where to link,

even though you can see the “Subitems of Sarah-Test” (Board A) is connected to the existing Board Connect column on Board B.


Now as im trying to build and test on other boards, the option is not always appearing in the Board Connect column settings to connect with "Subitems of XXX board"s.

Any help is much appreciated! I already reviewed these Monday help articles:

and the community posts on the topic but nothing that i’ve seen so far specifically covers Subitems <> Items mirroring and troubleshooting that process.

Thanks again!