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When I connect two boards (eg to board A I connect board B which has sub-items) is it possible in some way to display not only the main fields but also the sub-items?

I have made several attempts but without success …


There is one way to do this but It may be limited depending on which columns you’re using in your subitems.

On Board B, you will need to select the Subitem column you want to see on Board A and then choose the option: “Show summary on Parent column”. After you choose the show summary you will see the subitems appear similar to a Mirror column on your parent items in Board B. From there, you can choose to mirror the new summary column onto Board A. This option works really well if you want to show the summary of subitem status columns, and while it does work with other column types, I haven’t tested them all. I would imagine it’s not available for all column types so mileage may vary.

See example, I’m including some screen shots of how my team uses this:

  1. Here you can see both the mirror and Link columns from Board A viewable on Board B.
  2. The mirror columns show a summary of the subitem statuses on board A. When you hover over them you can see the number and the actual status. If the summary only consist of 1 line item, it will show the text as you can see on the second item in my screenshot.
  3. Bonus, if you need to change these statuses you can just click on them, a drop down appears and change accordingly.

Let me know if you need more info to set this up. Hope it helps!

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Hi, could I ask if the solution you provide can automatically connect subitem from Board A to Board B?
The users of the board I am trying to create won’t manually select items to mirror to their corresponding subitems.

What I did right now is just creating a new item in 2nd board when subitem status changes.


Am I understanding you correctly that you want to connect Subitems on Board A to Subitems on Board B automatically?

If so, then no not quite. The ability to automatically create subitems on a specific item on another board isn’t fully fleshed out yet in the basic Monday features. The only solution I know of currently, and I’m not 100% on how to fully execute it, is one @JCorrell talked about when he was automating the creation of subitems before it was supported at all in Monday. But the basics are you would need to use a 3rd Party Integration software like Integromat & Zapier. You will have to reach out to Jim for more help though.

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@andrewalmand That is indeed correct.

I am still new to Monday, so I am not exactly what’s the limit Monday can do yet.
But I will also check out 3rd party integration to see what they can offer.

Thank you for your input!

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