Connect subitems to same item as parent-item automatically

we are using a board with items and corresponding subitems. For the parent item we use a connect-boards column, to link the appropriate item from another board to the parent item. Now we would like to link this item to all subitems as well.
Is there a way to do this via an automation?
As it stands now, we manually created another connect-boards-column for the subitems and manually link the same item which is already linked to the parentitem to the subitems as well. Automating this somehow would be of great help to us.
For example something like this: When a sub-item is created, connect subitem in the connected boards-column to the same item as the parent-item in its connect-boards-column.

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Hey @FredW

We’ve built an app that is all focused around solving the problems of automations on subitems, and as you can guess it’s called subitem automation.

We currently don’t support what you’re aiming for but we’re now working on a new version that should be released in the next 1-2 weeks that will support this capability.

I’m writing here just to make sure I understand your use case correctly -
You have item X in Board A
Item X is connected to item Y on Board B
Now you create subitems under item X, you want them to be connected to Item X (their parent), Item Y (which the parent is connected to) or both?

If you have further questions / wanna dive deeper I’m available at


i am doing something similar to the above with trying to connect subitems to another board in which its parent item is also connected to. would i be able to use this app for this as well?

for example, parent item A is on Board 1. this parent item is mirrored in Board 2.
the subitems of item A in board 1 are manually connected to Board 2. can this be automated just as the parent items are? but they must be connected to the same item in board 2.

I would like this functionality in Monday and not an app as well.

Hey @FredW

We developed an app that solves this exact case of automatically linking between subitem and its parent item. See example below -

Automatically linking item to its parent item so you can use mirrors -

We’re constantly adding new capabilities You can find it in the marketplace in the platform or here - Apps Marketplace

Hope that helps!

@JHolden1975 Also to you

Hello, just to be sure I understand…

I am trying to do the following. I have an Item in Board A with sub-items. I have automatically copied this item across to Board B and have connected the item across both boards so if something changes in Board A it gets reflected in Board B and vice-versa. Now, I want to do the identical thing with the sub-items.
ie. Automatically copy the item WITH its sub-items and link both the item and the sub-items between boards.

Is this what your app does?
Many thanks

Hey @JakiMonday, I’m afraid I didn’t quite understand what you’re trying to achieve.
Would you mind explaining the flow again?