Board Connect, linking both ways

It is such a basic question, but i’ve watched the videos and searched, and I cannot find the answer.

I have 2 boards: Clients, deals. Each board only has 2 columns,
#1 Client Board: Client | Deal
#2 Deal Board: Deal | Client

I have made it a “connect boards” coloumn. When I enter on #1 the client and the deal, I expect that data to populate on #2 as well. Unfortunately when i look at board #2. It has populated the deal but not the client column.

Is there an automation to fix this?

I have also downloaded the CRM template, and here it works fine, with 0 integrations. However, on my own boards. It does not link.

Thank you in advance.

hi @GeorgeS

The connect_boards column just connect the boards. From your description it looks like you need to add mirror column(s) that uses the connect_boards column.

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@basdebruin Thanks for the response Bas.
I have been a user now for the last month, but still seem to have this issue. Let me make it a bit more clear.
I have deals and clients.
When I populate the deal board, I add a client to it, from the database that already exists on the client board. ie. the Deal’s name is “Lagoon”, and the client is “John”.

If I then, from the deal board, click on the John, it brings up the John’s details, email address, phone number, but the deal coloumn in that pop up is still empty.

I then head over to the contacts board, where I see john’s details, and the deal coloumn (which is linked) is empty. I then have to manually search and click to add “Lagoon” to John’s details.

I use the CRM template. and for other boards it works that came with the template it works fine.

I also have 2 way connect selected.

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Or does the feature only exist in a made template?