Is there a way to insert a connected boards value to a column

We have a master board called clients.
We have another board called Projects.

We have a board called Quotes - which has a connect_boards column linking to Clients. We simply search for the client name and select it.
There is an automation, on button click create an item in “Projects” - and it copies some of the info over, however I cannot find a way to get it to assign the client (or even anyway to copy the name of the client to a column.

Any ideas how to get it to see the connect_board is set to “JOHN” and either link it to “JOHN” once its in the “Projects” board, or just insert “JOHN” in a column, then I can link it afterwards?

Hi there,

you can use Make to achieve this by creating scenario where, upon the button click in the “Quotes” board, the automation triggers and performs actions in the “Projects” board, copying the necessary information and linking it to the correct client.

Hope its helpful for u.

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