Automation to connect item on a new board before the board has been connected, using a non-linked connect boards column

Our process for website projects is to have a website project board and then we have individual boards for Web Design Jobs, Web SEO Jobs etc to be able to see each departments workload.

Using a website template, that template is connected to each departments board and when duplicated that new board is connected to each board but it doesnt connect the board to each departments board automatically.

I have made an automation which sends items over the department board, but when doing this I can’t select the ‘Connect Boards’ column I can only select ‘add a new column’ but I want to connect it to the existing one so I don’t need to map the columns each time. Is there a reason we can’t select a connect board column as the option for connection when setting up this automation?

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 3.20.25 pm