Can't select existing Connect Board Column from an automation?

I have two boards connected by a Connect Board Column. A “Person” I add on my People board to the Connect Board Column called Orgs will show up in the Connect Board Column called People in the Org board. And vice versa.

But when I go to make an automation so that new items on the Org board are linked in this way, I don’t have the option to select the existing Connect Board Column called People:

You need to make sure the target board that the item is being created in already has a column linked to the current board the automation runs in. So if an item is automatically created in board B when a new item is added to board A, board B needs to have a linked column to board A.

If you have a template set up with the automation and a board targeting the template, the automation carries over without having to add the board created from the template to the linked column.

There was already a functioning bidirectional connection. And this works now, when I check. So I think it was just temporary bugginess, now resolved.