Connected boards automations


I’ve a workspace with many task boards (about 40/50), all the boards have the same template. I’ve made an automation so any time an item status changes in one of this boards (“work in progress”) a new item is created in a “master board”, with some mirrored colum, to keep track of all the running tasks.

I’ve created the automation and saved the board as template, but when i create a new board from the template the automation with the connected boards is broken, cause it’s unable to find the connected column, if I manually select the column (already suggested in the list) the automation starts to work.

Is there a special way to create connection automation in templates?


Sounds like you’re looking to build a master board that will show tasks from different projects. I’m afraid there’s no way to do that effectively with monday’s native features, but you should try this app: Apps Marketplace

I believe it will be perfect for your needs!