Is it possible to automatically create and connect Items to a Board created automatically from a template

I know that it is possible to automatically create a Board from a Board Template when certain conditions are met. And I know how to set up automations to automatically create an item in another board and connect that item to an item in a Board.

But, I’m wondering if it’s possible to automatically create a Board from a template AND for each item in that Board to create an Item in another Board and connect the two automatically. Anybody got any clues or answers for me on this?

Here’s an example of what I mean;

Let’s say we have a Board to manage our Leads. And when a Lead gets converted to a booked job, Automation X automatically creates a Board for that job using the “Job task list” board template.

If we also had a Master Tasks List Board that we wanted to use to view and manage all our tasks, would it be possible to set up Automation X and any other required Automations so that when a Lead gets converted to a booked job, not only does Automation X create a Job task list Board for that job, the tasks in that Board all create a matching Task in the Master Tasks Board and get connected to them?

And, taking it even further, while I know that cross-board status change automations only work when a Connect Boards Column is connected to one Board only, if the Tasks in the Job Task List Board were connected to matching Tasks in the Master Task List Board, in the Job Task List Board would it be possible to use the “when one status changes to something, change another status to something” cross-board automation to update the status of the Item in the Job Task List Board based on changes to the status of the connected Task in the Master Tasks List Board?

Thanks in advance for any answers to my convoluted question!

Hey Patrick,

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding - are you essentially interested in setting up an automation in that template board (job task list) so that any tasks within that board then create a matching task in the master task board? I ask this, as that automation would need to be set up in the template board.

In regard to cross-board status change, if you were to mirror the status column (of the master tasks board) into the job task list board, you can utilise this automation recipe, available in our templates:

Please let me know if I’ve understood your request correctly :pray:

@BiancaT Hi, In regards to this topic how can we connect board automatically if the board is created from a template? i am adding a video

. i really hope you could help .

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Hi @botsquad , it looks like what you are looking for is a very useful use case that other users could benefit from. I am with Formula Lookout and we specialize in this concerns. Recently, we have launched Same Item Multiple Boards which helps users have the same item appearing in multiple boards, all synced. Perhaps you might like to sit down with us and discuss what you want to achieve. We’ll help you identify if that can be natively done in or you would need an app for it. This is beneficial for us to develop useful apps. (cc @Maayango )