Create 2 board from template and Connect them together with automation

I have 2 template boards.
1 board is for our team to track the project tasks, the second is a shared board for our client to show progress without all the details.
They match items (generally) but the client board does not have subtasks.

For each new client we create Both project tracking board and a Client report board and when the status is updated in the project tracking board it updates the corresponding item in the client report board. This is accomplished with Mirror Columns on Status.

Now here is the question. Is there a way to create both boards with some kind of automation and have them connected together automatically?

The challenge I have seen is when the boards are created from templates the connection is set to the template not to the new created boards.

If there is a better way to accomplish this please give some advise.

Hey Rod,

Is it possible for you to share a quick screen-recording of the process, just so I can gather some visual context and better understand how we can approach this? If you’re happy to use to demonstrate the steps you take in this workflow and where you’d like the connection set that would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Hi@R3VS ,
Yes, it is possible to create both boards with some kind of automation and have them connected together automatically using Here’s how you can achieve this:
1. Create both boards from templates:
2. Create a scenario:
3. Schedule the scenario:

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First of all thank you for your response. Here is a loom video to describe and show what process we are trying to do.

I appreciate any Help, tips or even if what I am trying to accomplish could be done better.


Hey Rod, thank you for sending this recording across - appreciate your explanation :slight_smile:

From my understanding, it sounds like you’d essentially like for those 2 template boards to connect automatically upon creation.

If that’s the case, you can edit both the templates to include the connect board column, and set up a match automation to automatically connect the items across the boards (i.e. through a bulk status change via batch actions):

Moving forward those connections should stay put in both the template boards.

Does this make sense / have I understood your query correctly? :pray:


Thank you, and happy thanksgiving. I think I understand but I feel like I am still missing a step. So here is my understanding.

I have both template boards created and connected together. then when I create the actual boards I have to update the connection on 1 item and it will flow to the rest of the items?

Is it possible you could show me with a loom or screen shots what that might look like? I feel like I am so close to making this work!

I am not seeing that particular flow in the screen shot you created so I am a bit lost