Create board from template, from automation in master board, and link all items in new board back to master

Hello, I have a master board, low level boards setup created. In the master board, I’m using the “create board from template” automation to create the low level board when a status on an item changes in the master board.

In my template, I have a connect boards column, that connects all the items back to the master board item. However, currently there is no way to do that during the initial automation that creates the low level board.

It would be nice for that to be automated as well.

Hey @wesoos,

We see what you’re getting at here! To confirm, you essentially want to be able to connect the entire board to the connected item, similar to the request posted here - Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group?

Hey Bianca, I was going to put in the exact same as this request. I believe this is what Wessel is saying:

I want the ability to have a High Level Board to manage Projects. Whenever a new project is created, an automation creates a new Low Level Project board from a template and somehow connects the new low level board back to the high level one to sum up the tasks, etc of the new project. The overall goal is to instantly connect your low level board back to the high level with no manual intervention.

I tried for hours to circumnavigate this but could not. The best way that I thought it could be done would be to create the ability to set the default item values of the new board items in automation creation. Here is suggested automation wordings but the capability would have to be worked out on your end:

When a new item is created in board,

Then create new board from template
and change item default value Board Connection to {}

Anyhow, let me know what you think!