Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group

I’m happy to see that the new Mirror column solves some issues that I expressed in the past, but the one thing that’s keeping me from being able to use it is the fact that you have to explicitly choose every individual pulse from the other board in order to roll up something like budget or time.

Imagine a high/low-level board scenario, where the high-level board has a pulse-per-project, and there is a low-level board per project. You Link each respective board, then mirror & roll up the “Hours” column from the low level project board into a “Total Hours” column in the project pulse on the high-level board.

The issue here is that low-level boards are constantly changing. Employees have to add new tasks to them all the time, and it’s impossible and impractical to remember to go back into the high-level board and update the mirror column settings by selecting all of those new pulses, so the roll-up is accurate.

Feature Request: In addition to selecting individual pulses, can we please have “Entire Board” or “Group A”, “Group B” as selectable options in the mirror column settings? That way, we can add/remove tasks from the low-level board freely, and we know that the rollup is the sum of ALL of the tasks of interest, not just the ones that we remembered to select :wink:. This is especially dangerous if we’re using this roll-up to bill clients, where the total is at a high risk of being inaccurate all the time.

Related, time-roll-up isn’t actually possible, so this is a major, related limiting factor: Summarize Time from Mirrored Column

i support this 100%%%%%%%

Great idea, this is actually already possible in the dashboard but would be a great addition to boards as well.

Love it! Great idea.

YES…YES… and again … YES!
I have req this. I am working in 4 differens projects and would be sooo good for me to have everyhting in ONE board.

I really don’t understand how such simple spreadsheet functionality is missing on this platform. I was convinced to utilize this by an employee, but I’m having second (third, and fourth) thoughts on mobilizing to something else entirely. I’m unable to get high-level roll-ups without exporting all projects to excel and performing it myself. Simple things like summations utilized to calculate margins is child’s play and shouldn’t be difficult to add in.

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This is perfect if I wanted to create a board that summarizes ALL of our boards.

I’d say the option to choose “Current Top Group” as the group of mirrored pulses would be amazing for my use case.

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This Is a must have ! Abu updates on this?

YES PLEASE!!! This would have saved me 4 hours today alone!

We cannot be selecting one by one pulses when this could save too much time.

Hello any Monday.com assistance here? Any updates? I think its time to make this features.

This post has 18 votes, remember with this feature you need to make another fixes as a combo, they are:

  • Selecting entire group / board / subitems.
  • Enabling the mirror and rollup functions for multiple boards linked at the same time.
  • Enabling automations with mirror columns.
  • Enabling full mobile support to interact with mirrored columns.


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What’s the update on this Monday.com?
It will be a serious improvement.

Select whole group or items that meet a condition like total value of all items that have status Sold.

It’s would work much like like vlookup or index match in excel but in a simple way.

This could really Bring the boards to another level.

I appreciate an update if this is being considered and when we could expect to see this if it is.

Let us know please. :grinning:

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+1 on @nealb recent post.
We need this improved.


YES PLEAAAAASE :slight_smile: really-really much needed this one!