Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group

Maybe you are referring to linking multiple boards, but not mirroring. This is still not available

@danaaviv maybe im wrong… but did you see the video?
im not mirroring a status column from two boards?

hi @hlopezvc
Yes, it works for status columns, but not (yet??) for numbers. What is think is missing is the ability to select either the entire board or an entire group. In the current situation if someone who is board owner of a detail board add items the master board will not be updated until the owner of the master board manually adds the additional item for that detail board.

This is exactly why I developed the Master-Detail app

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Sorry I just saw the video (missed it for some reason). Since you have the granted feature of linking to multiple boards, as we started testing multi board mirroring it seems like you are indeed able to do so. However as is it is just the start, it might have bugs and not work properly. you’re welcome to keep using it, just keep it in mind. :slight_smile:

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Anyways @danaaviv, if this feature Is released without a entire boards or group selection it Will be nearly useless on board with many pulses…

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@danaaviv beside missing mirroring functions when multiple linking is activated,
the feature to select entire board or groups when linking is in development? Can we have an ETA for this?

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It is indeed in development. No ETA yet


Thanks please Let us know when Is ready

@danaaviv can you please provide an update on when the functionality discussed (multi-board mirror and select whole groups / boards) in this topic will be available? This is critical to my org.'s use of this system. Thanks.

Hi there! We will release it in the upcoming months​:pray:t2::pray:t2:


Yes, please. This would be a very helpful feature. It’s hard to imagine it not being included in the initial rollout of the Mirror function.

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Hey to all! I think I have a variation of this issue.
What if:

  • I set a functioning mirrored link between a master board and a parent board and select the columns I want to be shared;
  • I change my mind and I want to add another column I created in the master board to the parent.

Can I do that or must I re-do the link/mirror thing from the beginning?
And if yes, how?

I am looking to do this exact thing. Mirror several project boards into 1 master board while keeping the individual ones as well. I see above that @danaaviv mentioned that it was upcoming. Is this available now? Thanks!

I’m also waiting for it. Without this feature high level board are not true high level board.