Using a single mirror column to pull information from multiple boards - Multi Board Mirror

Hi everyone - my apologies if this particular use case was discussed in a different thread.

Is there a way to use a single mirror column to connect each item (row/pulses) to a different board instead of creating a different column for each connected board?

I am currently managing multiple regional projects, and each requires its own board structure due to its complexity. For this reason, I cannot have all projects on the same low-level board and use groups to organize them (which would make my use case a lot simpler).

I wish to use my Regional High-Level board to view all regional projects in one place (like a Summary Overview). Each item in this board will represent a different project. Therefore, I want to connect each item to its Project High-Level board to get information automatically, like timeline, status, etc.

The reason why I’m not looking into dashboards for this, it’s because I need the Regional Board to be dynamic for data updates like budget, prioritization, etc.

Here’s an example of my structure:

→ Regional High Level board (regional summary)
→ Project High Level board (project summary)
–>Project Low Level board (project tasks)


Hi @nguz

It looks like the app “Rollup Multiple Boards” is a possible solution for this. You can read more about this app (currently in review for the marketplace) at Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team

Hi @nguz!

We’ve recently rolled out our new multi-board mirror feature which should solve this use case for you :slight_smile:

Here is what it looks like: Multi-Board Mirror

Does this fit your use case? If so, please provide me with your account URL so that I can add this feature to your account in case it is not already added.



Dear Aron,

This function sounds exactly what I need. I am currently doing some testing to present to my company for the approval of the platform.

We have several projects (Boards) each board has 5 groups (each group has several items and some of this items have subitems).
We will have maybe 100 boards or so.

I want to have the status of all this 100 boards in one central High level dashbaord with the “multi-board Mirror” that you spoke. This solution from the video you posted will give a quick view of the status of each project very summarized and quick.

The plan then after having this High level board to connect it to a dashbaord to see even more nice for projects that have been updated, etc…

But important for now for me to present is how can I get this feature of the Multi-board Mirror? I do not see it possible on my trial account.

Hi @rafael.lainez.dalo and welcome to the community, The multi-board mirroring is wonderful for a quick snapshot of high-level data as you mention, however, reporting off of this data into a dashboard is not overly friendly. This is due to the lack of support of mirrored columns on dashboard widgets.

You may want to look into building a master/child board approach where the child (project) boards are pulling from the master board. This in turn gives you a single board to report from and does not have any of the dashboard limitations (10 boards with Pro, 50 with enterprise). As you mention, if you have 100+ boards to report from - this may be a perfect fit.

If you would like some guidance on how to set this up feel free to DM me here or shoot me a message

Also feel free to check us out online to learn more about what we do!


Hi Aron
I need the multi-board mirror feature for several og my clients. Have been waiting for this for a long time. Can you add this to my accounts? Can I send account names as a PM?

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@rafael.lainez.dalog as @mark.anley mentioned in his reply, there are limitations with the dashboard that you would run into for your use case. With that said, if you’d like to take a look at the multi-board mirror feature, please let me know your account URL and I can grant this from my end :).

@DenstadConsulting I’d be happy to help! Feel free to send me a PM with the account URLs and I can help from there.

Hi AronK,

Could you please add the multi-board mirror to our workspace?

Thanks Much

All set @lynnHM ! Please refresh, add a new connect boards column and mirror column and let me know if you run into any issues.

@AronK - this the multi-board mirror app to my account, URL:

Thank you!

Oh my gosh. I need this so badly!

Can you please add on my account @AronK ?

@satwood and @lindosl you should now be all set! Please refresh, add a new connect boards column and mirror column and let me know if you run into any issues.

I’ve been using it since yesterday. If I see any abnormal behavior, I will report it here.

Thank you very much.


It’s pretty great @lindosl ! Glad you got it added!

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This is exactly what we need. Can you please add this feature to ?

Thank you so much.

Hi @AronK - just setting up on, I would love this feature please.

@rastandy @espight you both should be all set here :slight_smile:

Please refresh, add a new connect boards column and mirror column and let me know if you run into any issues.

@AronK Hi, please could you add this to my account?

all set here @rbichener! Please refresh, add a new connect boards column and mirror column and let me know if you run into any issues.