Automatically link lower level boads to high level by a column value, eg a contract number


I feel like this question crops up often enough but i don’t quite see how to achieve this;

High level
High level board where orders are recorded, each has an order number (in a column) and an order line (in another column). (appx 200 lines in 15 groups)

Lower Level
We have lower level boards where the detailed actions for each team are broken out. One board for Design, another for Development and another for Production.

These three boards are linked to the high level board allowing people to select the order, mirror columns show the number and line on each of the three boards.

This part all works well. The issue comes when trying to look at the high level board to see the status, dates and people allocated to the tasks on the other three boards.

I cannot see a way to link X number of tasks across three boards back to the high level board, against each item where the order number and order line match what has been selected.

Ive made an example here just in excel to show how the high level mirrors down to the lower levels, i just cant see how to link the lower levels back to the higher level.

Any help would be apprecaited.

Reference posts;

Hi There!

If you are looking for the summary of the items connected, like latest date or earliest date, then this can be shown from what you see here. I would make sure to have consistent naming though or a label column so an automation knows where to connect this information.

  1. Set up label column that matches with high level board.

  2. Set up bi-directional connect column from high level board to each of the low level board. You can attach to same column to get the summary of the information.

  3. Set up the desired summary mirror columns.

  4. On each lower level board, use the MATCH automation for when the label is selected, match and connect that item to the item that has the same label on the higher level board.

This is a good way to organize the information you desire.

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Hope this helps!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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For reference, Gabby S at support provided some great assistance which has allowed me to do exactly what i was hoping for.

Video link here

Currently now building the dashboards etc with this new data included.

Thanks for the support and also the match suggestion Mike!