Creating a progress overview on a high-level board without manually adding items to mirror

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a high-level board to manage my projects. The high-level board contains all the metadata to the project (who’s responsible, the team, the priority, …) and the low-level boards contain all the actual tasks and subtasks necessary to complete the project.

I would like to roll up the progress of each project to the high-level board. I tried this with a mirror column. Sadly, I must add every task manually to the column for it to be shown in the progress. So, I would like to have one of the following options:

  • Mirror whole boards instead of single lines (items)
  • Choose “All Items” or specific groups to mirror
  • Write an automation, that connects items to a mirror column of a specific high-level item when they are created

Here is en example of what I mean with selecting items manually: