Update Mirror Column

I really like the function of a mirror column. The downside is it doesn’t update automatically. Meaning, I have multiple project boards. I have a mirror column on a high level board for the status for all the tasks on the project board. The problem is, when new tasks are added to the project board I then have to remember to go to the high level board and add that new task to the mirror column. There needs to be a check box for the mirror column that selects all - so I don’t have to add them one by one - AND a function that adds new tasks to the mirror column when they are added to the connected board.

Hi @rsanga,

Thanks for your feature request!

Can I ask if this automation would combat this issue?

Using this recipe you can ensure that when items are created in your project boards, they’re automatically created in your high level board. Additionally, you can then add the mirror column after the item is connected and moving forward the item should connect and mirror automatically. Let me know if this makes sense :pray:


Thank you for your suggestion. However, if I am creating an item in the high level board, then I just end up with two exactly the same boards.

Here’s a little more information:
We have a strategic plan. Within that plan we have our overarching team goal, five strategies, several outcomes under each strategy then project and operational work to, ultimately, reach our goal. I have all the project boards set up. I need high-level boards that track the progress of our outcomes and the strategies that also feed into a dashboard for executive leadership. I want a status column on the high-level boards that shows progress towards our outcomes and goals. I have this set up as a mirrored column on the high-level board from the project boards.

We do break down the work on the project boards; however, tasks do get added as we move through the work. Right now, to make sure everything is updated, every time a task is added to a project, I have to go back to the high-level board, go to the mirrored column for that project, click the +, and scroll through all the tasks that have already been added to get to the bottom of the list in order to check the box next to the new tasks that have been added.

A solution for this would be a check box at the top to add all tasks from this board (or something like that). This would not only add all the current tasks from the project board to the mirror column, it would also add any new tasks.

This seems like pretty basic functionality for a mirror column.

Lastly, I do love the mirror column feature. It certainly reduces my PM administrative work of having to update multiple boards (or worse, have my team update multiple boards).


hi @rsanga

There is an alternative approach to masterboards and mirror columns provided by the app Rollup Multiple Boards (see https://monday.com/marketplace/101). A full instruction video can be found here https://vimeo.com/752628410

Hey @rsanga,

Thanks so much for this information - super helpful and I can definitely see where you’re coming from here, particularly the tediousness of adding new tasks back to the high-level board each time it’s created.

I believe your request aligns closely with this request here → Mirror Column - Select Entire Board or Group. If this is the case, this is a feature that is currently under consideration and I’d encourage you to add your vote to put greater emphasis on this need :pray: