Multi-Board Mirroring | Mirroring each item's low level board into a high level board

I have created a high level board that generates a new item to reflect a new project. When the the item gets marked with a certain status, planning, an automation generates a board for that item from a template.

I’d like to be able to see on the high level board the status of certain columns across every item specific board generated, is that possible?

For instance, high level board = ice cream. Each item is a new flavor. Each item gets its own board tracking the progress of making the flavor. In the high level board, I want to see each item’s progress based on their respective board.

Hey @Jgero ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

To mirror from multiple boards at once in one mirror column on your High-Level Board, you can use our brand new Multi Board Mirroring capabilities! Check out this article for more details on how to add it to your board and how it works: New! Multi-board mirroring

If you haven’t already, I would also recommend checking out our High-Level and Low-Level board resources to help see how these boards fit together:

Depending on your plan and how many Low-Level Boards you have, a Dashboard might also be an option for seeing a complete overview of the progress between several boards!

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:


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Hi @jennap ,
The link to the article does not seem to work. Is there a new link?

Hey @dmalone :wave:

You can find all of these articles by searching in our Knowledge Base!

I have also added them below again for your convenience:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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